Watch Central Intelligence Full Movie Online

Watch Central Intelligence Full Movie Online

Central Intelligence June 16 Dwayne Johnson, more known as "The Rock", confesses that, in the past, he was feeling "disappointed" with himself and he was always thinking about how to obtain "more and more", something similar to what happens to Bob Stone, its personage in Head office Intelligence, its new comedy of action of which he spoke with Efe. Although for the genre to which it is assigned it might seem that this movie, which releases next week in the United States, lacks message, for Johnson it is that what he emphasizes from Head office Intelligence, directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber."

There is a big message against the school harassment, which is a very important Central Intelligence question that affects children of the whole world and all the cultures", affirms the actor, of promotion visit in Madrid. In Head office Intelligence, Johnson (California, the USA, 1972) personifies Bob Stone, an obese grind that was the laughing stock of the institute and that, two decades later, has turned into a muscular agent of the CIA, of attitude puerile and still affected by the harassment suffered in the adolescence." I feel identified with Bob because I feel that,

very often, I confront the life as a big Central Intelligence child and only I think about how to amuse myself and make laugh the people", affirms a smiling Johnson, who in addition to one of the actors better full of Hollywood is a bodybuilder and professional fighter. In the movie, its personage investigates a secret super case in which it involves, before he of account, to Calvin (Kevin Hart), its only friend, who in due time was the king of the institute and now he is a boring book-keeper who longs for its days of glory.

This is the history of to a smart student, Bob (Johnson), who grew to be an agent of the lethal CIA, returning to house for its meeting of secondary.

The dice that is employed at a case of secret high place, Bob recruits the help of ex-"big man in the school," Calvin (Hart), now a meter that surprises to its days of glory. But before of account of what is getting, already there is too much late to go out.

Its new unpredictable friend drags it across a world of shootings, treacheries Central Intelligence and spying that they can come to dead persons in more forms that Calvin can count.

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